An iPhone app to train your brain and get smarter

Yes, you can become smarter by playing on your smartphone! That's what Brain'up does, it makes you smarter by helping you to train your memory, calculus skills, concentration...


Train your brain with Brain'up and get smarter

At Brain'up, we believe that our brain can be trained to grow stronger with effective brain training. Just like all the other muscles of your body.

Brain'up is the easiest and most enjoyable way of keeping your brain sharp in just minutes a day. The Brain'up application includes 8 games and a Dashboard that will help you tracking your results.

Our users have reported the following benefits:

  • Improved memory

  • Deeper concentration

  • Enhanced mood

  • Better math skills

  • Clearer and quicker thinking

Research around the brain has dramatically progressed over the last 10 years. We are now aware that constant brain training does not only halt brain decay but also significantly improves cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, calculus and speed.

Brain games were found to be effective training exercises and have the added benefit of being fun for the users. At Brain'up, we combine the evidence around brain training into a training program with the aim of increasing the users’ brain capabilities. This is scientific, Brain'up enhance your brain like a gym build up muscles. The brain adjusts to new challenges and, after a short period of training, it starts producing new synapes, the connections between brain neurons.

It just works like magic.

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