Unlimited Brain Training

At Brain'up, we believe that our brain can be trained to grow stronger, just like all the other muscles of your body.

  • Memory

    You will finally be able to remember the names of the people you meet.

  • Concentration

    Learn to concentrate more deeply.

  • Math

    Be better at calculus and impress your friends!

  • Reflexes

    Teach your brain to react faster under pressure.

  • Unlimited Training

    Play an unlimited number of times the games you want.

  • Who is the smartest?

    We rank every users to let you know how smart you are compare to other users.

Brain'up - Brain Training

How Brain'up Works

The science behind Brain'up

Brain'up - Brain Training Brain'up - Brain Training

Research around the brain has dramatically progressed over the last 10 years. We are now aware that constant training of the brain does not only halt brain decay but also significantly improves cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration and speed.

Benefits Of Brain'up

  • Improved memory

  • Deeper concentration

  • Enhanced mood

  • Better math skills

  • Clearer and quicker thinking

Additional Features

We are working hard to make Brain'up the best brain training app on the AppStore.

Great app

5 stars on the AppStore.


Directly connected to your Game Center.


No monthly subscription required.

Get Smarter

You'll really get better at concentration, memory or calculus!

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